Benjamin Ford

Executive Producer

Benjamin Ford is our Executive Brand developer, implementation strategist and strategic communicator who has worked globally with multinational organisations, government agencies, corporate bodies, and boutique start-ups.

Having studied and lectured at leading institutes within the United Kingdom, the United States and Germany, and as a member of the CIPR, his depth of commercial knowledge, cultural understanding and strategic mindset are evident in his work.

Initially trained in 3D and furniture design, the last 20 plus years have seen Ben forge out his career in high pressure environment leadership roles, executive management and corporate direction. His frameworked approach to achieving the 'Effect & Endstate' is what sets him apart: whether this is in brand development, communications strategies, or change management.

Born from a personal and professional relationship with Geoff spanning over 15 years, Ben was brought to Luxia to provide project clarity and strategic execution, and for the unrelenting assurance that our product vision will always align with our clients’ wants and needs. His leadership style and experience are at the heart of the collaborative ethos at Luxia.

As well as his role as Executive Producer at Luxia, Ben also sits on a corporate board of directors for marketing and business development and is an influence advisor for a leading UK government organisation.

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