Brand strategy for a digital platform that empowers corporations to get an edge in the marketplace
Shaping and defining the future of an AI app with the potential to be a game-changer.

"Luxia have gifted designers with a rare capability to be able to bring cohesion across a range of pre-existing digital products & tools, that had been created by teams in isolation across Evalueserve’s many site around the globe.

My team and I, enjoyed collaborating with Luxia on the creation of the Evalueserve Product Branding Guide and the Tool Creation Guide. These guides became indispensable for teams who were not only redesigning the UI of pre-existing software, but those creating new ones too."

Swati Ghoshal
Senior UI/UX Designer, Evalueserve

A market and competitive intelligence app based on AI-gathered insights from 200,000+ sources

The Insightsfirst app offers business insights and analysis on the most thought-provoking issues faced by senior executives in today’s modern world. From competitor and market intelligence to anticipating disruption and accessing the impact of cutting edge technology on your business. In addition, it harnesses the power of AI to deliver customized news alerts so that you never miss on business-critical information updates.

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