Transforming a traditional service focussed company into a self-service platform
Brand strategy and management for a B2B app with a B2C personality.


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“Geoffrey (the creative director), came up with some really nice ideas for our marketing campaign. He was able to come up with excellent creatives that helped us stand out in the market. Equally important, he is great to work with, patient to hear ideas, with an ability to convey his thoughts effectively.”

Manuj Madhusudanan
Managing Director, InsightBee

The simple way to source high quality custom research

InsightBee is the simple way to source high quality custom research and analytics from any device. From proactive alerts to tailored reports, the app or online platform delivers the intelligence you need every day – across all business functions and industries. With their pay-as-you-go model, ordering tailored insights is easier than ever. And because InsightBee is created by Evalueserve, we’re powered by mind+machine™, which means they combine their human expertise with best-in-class technology to give you qualified intelligence, faster.

Software at the heart of a new vision

We were asked to develop ieDigital’s brand identity in line with their new brand name and strengthen their position as experts in the field of ‘open platform’ development.

Many professional services companies evolve little over the years. In such industries the major players all compete with each other on fairly level terms. These conditions can lead to an undifferentiated landscape and sometimes a race to the bottom as price becomes the only remaining key differentiator. To stand-out, a company must look forward and adapt.

The traditional business model involved having prearranged corporate accounts with orders taken over the phone and the end product being delivered as email attachments. More importantly the research was done entirely by hand using online research and specialist databases – a time intensive process that was reflected in the price of the end product.

Evalueserve are one of the world’s top companies in this sector, employing thousands of researchers and analysts in locations spread around the world. But they saw how automation has the potential to increase efficiency and to offer their services faster and cheaper than anyone else could afford to, and so InsightBee was born.

Development and execution of well planned digital and event marketing campaigns

Prior to developing a new digital advertising strategy focused on InsightBee's growth goals, We worked with the key stakeholders to understand the nuances of its sales cycle including sales stages, qualification standards, target markets, and time to close.

During this time we developed and executed a digital and event marketing strategy that focused on the entire marketing funnel, from awareness through Interest, decision, and ultimately action.

The results if embracing the future and investing in professional branding expertise

The InsightBee knew what lay ahead. They foresaw a future where the majority of their tasks could be automated, and instead of doing everything they could to avoid it, they decided to steer directly into it instead. By being the first in their market to take these steps they pushed the entire industry forward and were able to offer the same product at unparalleled speeds and efficiency.

Creative and content assets, including infographics, brochures, brand-focused events, and videos, were strategically aligned to each stage of the funnel. Pairing these assets with advertising channels ranging from social to paid search to retargeting, we put into motion a strategy focused on moving the user from top to bottom of the funnel in a systematic approach which saw them achieve 25% month on month growth just in year one.

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