Brand identity design for Footballer’s Blueprint, a premium private football academy
Footballer’s Blueprint was just a concept when we were first introduced to it. We brought it to life with a unique brand story and identity.


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"While working on the project for The Footballer’s Blueprint, the Luxia team were both creative and diligent, to capture the tone that we wanted to achieve. They delivered high quality designs for both the website and marketing material, as well as ensuring they were implemented correctly by the development team."

Henry Newman
Programme Director, Footballer's Blueprint

Founded to make a difference

With a career spanning seven years working in professional football, Footballer's Blueprint Programme Director Henry Newman had seen countless players that have come and gone through his time, failing to make the grade, for one main reason - understanding of what is required to make the step from youth to professional football.

Thus the Footballer's Blueprint academy was born, with aims to address this issue, by giving all players on the course an understanding of what is required to become a professional and the environment that allows players to taste this professional experience.

Debuting a football brand in a sea of noise

The Footballer's Blueprint is a private academy set up and run by existing professional coaches who have worked, or currently work within professional football both in the Premier League and Football League in London. The Academy provides a six week professional football experience in terms of the training at Surrey Sports Park, playing and lifestyle required in order to become a professional footballer, whilst staying in luxurious accommodation and experiencing the finest entertainment London has to offer.

Any brand debuting on the London scene needs to cut through quite a lot of noise or it will fail. So our brand for Footballer’s Blueprint had to be as sharp as a knife. Using cutting edge design techniques, we set about creating an unforgettable brand identity and luxurious hospitality experience that would define a new category.

Bringing the story to life

Working closely with Henry Newman and his team, we crafted the Footballer’s Blueprint brand from scratch. As the price point was to be premium, with a view of attracting affluent clients from the Middle East, Russia and North America, we drew inspiration from London’s most prestigious hotels, and created a vibrant brandscape of luxurious accommodation, training facilities, transport and fine dining.

We created an identity built around luxury, prestige, and a passion for the beautiful game.  Our aim was to create an evocative and memorable brand identity that would be more original, more richly woven with meaning than other football academy had ever even dreamt of.

Building upon the brand story and identity, we designed a 12 page brochure, stationary, flyers, signage and POS. Alongside this, we were then commissioned to build their multilingual website.

A show-stopping brand identity

Footballers Blueprint opened its doors to wide acclaim. And while we can’t take credit for the unparalleled success, we share credit with the Footballer's Blueprint team for creating the show-stopping brand identity.

After defining the brand values, brand identity and distilling the brand story into a printed brochure – used to engage the trainees and their parents – we created bespoke print marketing collateral and POS for the venues used, and went on to design and build the Footballer’s Blueprint website.

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