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Sustainability Playbook

$ 49.00 USD
Essential plays for small and medium-sized businesses to help you achieve your Net-Zero goals.
  • Sustainability
  • Procurement
  • Transport & Work From Home
  • Tips, Tricks & Hacks
  • Sustainability Playbook


    Businesses are at different stages of their sustainability journey. Learn how to create, roll out and embed a sustainability strategy into your business, enabling efficiencies and business growth whatever your business type.


    Learn how to develop a sustainable procurement strategy through understanding your bespoke business objectives, use our pre-contract checklist to ensure smooth processes, and find out how to find the best deals for your business.

    Transport & Work From Home

    Learn some of the best plays to reduce your company's carbon footprint via choosing the best transport options, using government schemes, and how your staff who work from home can switch to greener options too.

    Sustainability Playbook

    Run your Net-Zero campaign profitably and friction-free.

    Achieve your Net-Zero goals faster

    We are in the midst of a climate emergency. Your company can play its part in reducing it and affecting change by getting to Net-Zero faster, whilst also reducing costs and future proofing.

    Market your successes to increase revenue

    Let the world know that you care. 67% of consumers would pay more for sustainable brands, and the more people using your sustainable option, product or solution, the better it is for the environment.

    Build brand awareness and trust

    Enhance your company's reputation, attract and retain the best staff, and increase investor confidence by understanding and implementing a strict Environmental Social Governance strategy.

    A closer look

    What's inside


    • Sustainable procurement strategies
    • Carbon accounting - Net Zero
    • EV Charging solutions
    • Self generation
    • Retrofit lighting
    • Finding available funding


    • Understanding your business objectives
    • Risk Management
    • Multi Service tailored procurement
    • Budget development
    • Transparent commission
    • Green option

    Travel & Working From Home

    • Calculating your carbon footprint
    • Offsetting your carbon footprint
    • Commuting
    • International business travel
    • Eco-friendly utility companies
    • Government schemes

    Bonus: Tips, Tricks & Hacks

    We've also included some great plays, tips, tricks and life hacks developed from our time in the business, and from some of the great literature that we consume. From productivity to bookkeeping and beyond, there's plenty for you to get stuck into.

    Who is this for?

    Created for small and medium sized businesses in every field...

    Our playbook will enable you to tackle business challenges whilst preparing for a Net Zero future. Whatever your business size or sector, our plays are designed to support you. You'll find immense value if you are in:

    • Retail
    • Professional Services
    • Manufacturing
    • Leisure & Tourism
    • Anyone else who directly sells their time or services to clients
    From the creator

    A series of plays to ensure you earn more, and have more free time...

    As a business we were duty bound to talk about sustainability and in my role heading up the third-party sales channels, we talked to customers and third parties about the importance of becoming more efficient, as this would protect our depleting resources and have a knock-on impact on business/consumer energy use.

    The less we use the less we need to heat, thus reducing our environmental impact whilst saving money,  a win win I thought.

    As a proud Yorkshireman who’s always counted my pennies, this got me thinking, what else can we be doing at home to become more sustainable and save money?

    We insulated our house, installed a water butt, installed triple glazing and a new heating system over a few years, making our house much more efficient and cost effective to run.

    Whilst making all these changes at home, we continued to talk to our third-party channel about the need to become more sustainable and efficient, taking our conversation away from sales and price.

    It quickly became apparent there was not much appetite for this. They wanted the cheapest price for their customers and the most commission for themselves, to fire and forget about the contract and not encourage efficiency as this would, in their view, hit their bottom line (less commission).

    So I took responsibility in the only way I knew how - by tying sustainability into everything I do.

    In this playbook I am instilling my many years of experience in the utilities industry into a series of easy plays to help your business become aligned to the United Nations Climate Change Race to Zero campaign.

    James Staniforth is the founder of Sustainable Business Services and is a very successful, tenacious business leader who is focused on helping us, our clients and our partners achieve sustainable growth whilst tackling our climate emergency.

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    Sustainability Playbook

    Essential plays for small and medium-sized businesses to help you achieve your Net-Zero goals.


    $ 49.00 USD

    What's Inside

  • Sustainability
  • Procurement
  • Transport & Work From Home
  • Tips, Tricks & Hacks