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Mayfair Style Guide Template

$ 39.00 USD
This luxury style guide template that has everything you need to deliver branding projects successfully.
  • 53 Page InDesign Template
  • 25 Page PDF Guidebook
  • Usable Copy Provided
  • All Images Included
  • 9 Master Pages
  • Mayfair Style Guide Template

    Professionally designed Adobe InDesign Template

    Style guides (and most other design documents) are rarely printed these days, so it doesn't make sense for templates to be in portrait A4 or US letter. We create all of our templates to be optimised for screens, and to include all the best formatting options InDesign has to offer.

    • Full HD 1920x1080 template, perfect for modern screens
    • Auto-updating Table of Contents, Page Numbering, Section Numbering
    • Formatted using a rigid 12x6 grid system
    • All Images Included

    Everything included, so the hard work is done for you

    Have you ever spent your hard-earned cash on a template that looked beautiful in the mockups, but only to be greeted with lorem ipsum copy and grey boxes where the images should be when you've opened it in InDesign? If so, you're not alone. That's why we include real copy and have licensed the photography.

    • A full working example of a tech/workspace company brand guidelines
    • All the photos you see in the mockups are included in the template
    • Real copy used throughout, that you can use, reword or replace in your projects
    • Free fonts, with download links and suggestions for alternatives

    Guidebook and essential InDesign tutorials included

    Having a great style guide template is all well and good, but you need to know how to structure content, how much is needed, and what you can include to go the extra mile. Plus we've included tutorials to make creating your ideal document a breeze.

    • We'll guide you through asking the right questions so you create the best product
    • How to sign off properly so that the end-users get the most from their guidelines
    • Tutorials include Master Pages, Typography, Table of Contents, Images and Colours
    • We've also included a section full of InDesign tips & tricks
    Mayfair Style Guide Template

    A perfectly designed style guide template for delivering branding projects that will wow your clients.

    Clear Visual Guidelines

    Having a consistent style guide across marketing channels goes a long way to boost your brand recognition. There are several studies that reveal that consumers perceive brands as personifications of companies, which also impact their buying decisions.

    A Complete Visual Identity

    Don’t just send a folder of logo files. When you have a visual style guide ready, you create clarity for all marketing decisions to maintain a uniform official website as well as your blog and social media pages.

    Save On Days Of Work

    High quality style guide templates save you days worth of effort when the time comes to deliver your visual identity work. We've put the hours in, and done all of the work so you can spend your time on other activities.

    A closer look

    What's inside

    Professional InDesign Template

    Use our fully-designed, ready-to-use, highly-customisable template file that you can simply open, edit, and send to your clients. Adjusting the typography, grid, and colour scheme is incredibly easy.

    Full Content & Images Included

    See how best to help your clients to successfully roll out their new brand by using the style guide that we created for a fictional client in your chosen sector. Simply swap out the content as needed.

    The Style Guide Guidebook

    The guidebook offers an in-depth breakdown of each section of a style guide, what questions to ask when you’re creating it, and suggestions on how to deliver the end product. This is everything you need to know to create great brand guidelines for your clients.

    Step-by-Step Tutorials

    The guidebook also contains instructions on using Adobe InDesign to simplify using the formatted template, to save you time and so that you get the best possible results.

    Who is this for?

    Style guides are an essential tool if you work with brands.

    From managing your own brand to building brands for clients, this style guide template will help you save time, communicate your vision more effectively, and make sure your visual identity is consistent across every touchpoint. You'll find immense value if you are:

    • Crafting brands for clients
    • Building your own brand
    • Working with a team of designers
    • Hiring outside creatives
    • When sending work to vendors for print or production
    From the creator

    A style guide template, designed for premium and luxury brands

    From the creator

    Mayfair is our flagship Style Guide.

    This template has been precisely designed for premium and luxury brands looking to advance in their niche market.

    It pulls together influences from 20 years of brand management, and is a vital tool for luxury storytellers who want to differentiate in their market.  

    Designing for luxury brands is what Luxia do best, and what we do most. Your brand is in good hands.

    The Mayfair template is ideal if you're working for:

    • Jewellery & accessories brands
    • Fashion brands
    • Interior design & furniture brands
    • Hotels & leisure brands
    • Luxury automotive sector

    Unlike most free or premium style guide templates, when you open up one of ours you are not met with an almost blank document that looks nothing like the mockups - grey boxes instead of images, lorem ipsum script instead of real copy, and hard to follow formatting.

    Instead, with our templates you get:

    • All the photos included
    • All the real copy included
    • The table of contents and page numbers update automatically
    • Fonts are included (via a download link)

    Luxury branding takes an enormous amount of diligence. You need to be able to apply an elite level of brand-control over your product and market placement, and through our guide you’ll be able to display total control over your luxury brand, and your top line brand future.

    Geoffrey Idun is a designer that helps businesses increase revenue, expand brand awareness, and earn happier customers. Geoff currently lead teams of artists as the creative director at Luxia.

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    Mayfair Style Guide Template

    This luxury style guide template that has everything you need to deliver branding projects successfully.


    $ 39.00 USD

    What's Inside

  • 53 Page InDesign Template
  • 25 Page PDF Guidebook
  • Usable Copy Provided
  • All Images Included
  • 9 Master Pages