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Freelancer's Playbook

$ 69.00 USD
The ultimate guide freelance professionals looking to increase leads and revenue.
  • Valuing Your Work
  • Pricing & Invoicing
  • Pitching To Clients
  • Tips, Tricks & Hacks
  • Freelancer's Playbook

    How can you increase the value of what you do?

    If you've seen our content, you know that value lies in the eye (and wallet) of the purchaser: your clients. There are many ways we can influence their perception of value. But one easily stands out: learning how to present and deliver work professionally.

    Which pricing model (or combination of) is right for me?

    Billing by the hour, the project, value to the client or a combination two or three of these can often be confusing and a tricky sell to your client. Learn the fundamentals behind the pricing models, and how best to utilise them to your advantage.

    How do I (successfully) pitch to clients?

    Learn some of the best plays to increase your confidence to sell your ideas to your clients, at the price that suits you.

    Freelancer's Playbook

    Achieve your work's true value and present it with confidence.

    Learn your work's true value

    Create a document that gives people who work on your brand clear visual guidelines. When everyone's on the same page, it results in consistent design across multiple touchpoints.

    Price your work accordingly

    A masterclass for all things invoicing and accepting payments. Get paid in full, on time, every time with confidence. Includes: Invoicing Template & more.

    Create masterful pitches

    Get clients to see what you see and on board with your vision. Create a masterful pitch like a film director creates their director’s treatment.

    A closer look

    What's inside

    Valuing Your Work

    This playbook will walk you through how to value your work. step-by-step. From an in-depth breakdown of what value you will bring to your client, to suggestions on what you should be charging for, this has everything you need to value your work correctly.

    Pricing Your Work

    Imagine getting financial commitment at your full market rate from the start and never having to worry about getting paid on time - or at all. This is what the right pricing strategy and invoicing process can do for you.

    Pitching Your Work

    Your work won't speak for itself. Feel confident about sharing your projects and process with these fast and easy plays. Whether you’re just starting out in client-direct work, or have struggled with closing leads in the past, these made specifically for you.

    Bonus Tips, Tricks & Hacks

    We've also included some great plays, tips, tricks and life hacks developed from our time in the business, and from some of the great literature that we consume. From productivity to bookkeeping and beyond, there's plenty for you to get stuck into.

    Who is this for?

    Created for freelancers in every field...

    From managing your own brand to building brands for clients, the Freelancer's Playbook will help you save time, communicate your vision more effectively, and make sure your visual identity is consistent across every touchpoint. You'll find immense value if you are:

    • Creatives
    • Developers
    • Consultants
    • Producers
    • Anyone else who directly sells their time or services to clients
    From the creator

    A selection of plays to ensure you earn more, and have more free time...

    I have written this book to help you develop your personal brand, pick up the financial essentials, grow your client base, manage your work-life balance, negotiate deals and value your time as you become more established. The Freelancer's Playbook is your complete guide to turning your talent into a fulfilling and sustainable career.

    Whether you're just starting out, or you have a few years under your belt, this book is jam-packed with essential plays to help you make your career work for you, on your terms, determined by your own definition of success.

    These plays are devised to give you the autonomy, flexibility and variety you deserve from your freelance career.

    Geoffrey Idun is a designer that helps businesses increase revenue, expand brand awareness, and earn happier customers. Geoff currently lead teams of artists as the creative director at Luxia.

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    Freelancer's Playbook

    The ultimate guide freelance professionals looking to increase leads and revenue.


    $ 69.00 USD

    What's Inside

  • Valuing Your Work
  • Pricing & Invoicing
  • Pitching To Clients
  • Tips, Tricks & Hacks