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Brand Designer's Playbook

$ 69.00 USD
The ultimate guide to branding small business, especially created for freelance design professionals.
  • Brand Identities
  • Brand Strategies
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  • Brand Designer's Playbook

    A great brand is everything

    Having a well-developed and powerful brand can be the difference between success and failure in the modern business world. Naturally, you want to run a successful business. Therefore, you need a successful brand.

    A step-by-step process

    This all-inclusive branding guide will walk you through all of the necessary steps for creating powerful brands. You learn how to develop brand identities, and also learn how to generate customised strategies that help brands grow.

    Full of essentials plays

    Globally recognised brands all follow these plays, and it's mandatory that you do, too. You don't want to create mediocre brands that never take your clients to the success they aspire to.

    Brand Designer's Playbook

    Create better projects whilst simultaneously improving your own brand.

    Comprehensive overview

    This playbook is incredibly comprehensive and visually engaging. It's a must for both newcomers and seasoned professionals.

    Thorough and practical

    Incredibly practical giving real life examples, rather than just concepts, which is truly beneficial given the often intangible nature of branding.

    Increase your credibility

    When you have a solid brand strategy, it increases  your credibility within your sector, as well as with your clients. Own your niche.

    A closer look

    What's inside

    Plays, checklists and cheatsheets

    Packed full of valuable plays and strategies you can implement in your business today. They’re the secret behind all big biz branding. They’ll revolutionise the way you see branding forever. Simply select, customise and implement.

    Make your clients competition irrelevant

    Get your audience to think "they get me!" Learn how to cut through the noise and improve your presence by focusing on your audience and not your competition. Become the go-to brand in your space.

    Pinpoint exactly what their customers want

    Harness the power of customer psychology. Dive deep into your customers mind and discover what really motivates them to buy, so you can craft powerful messaging that speaks directly to their core desires.

    Create movements, not just brands

    Don't get lost in the crowd. Dramatically improve your brand messaging so you can communicate and connect better with your audience, which means less customer confusion and more sales.

    Who is this for?

    The Brand Designer's Playbook is essential to improve your brand strategy.

    Don’t waste hours trawling through YouTube mix and matching videos, to learn snippets here and there. Save yourself valuable hours (and therefore money) using this comprehensive and expertly laid out book of plays so you can create great brands strategies and messaging. This book was made for:

    • Marketers and brand strategists
    • Graphic and web designers
    • Freelancers wanting to own their niche
    • Small to medium-sized business owners
    From the creator

    Write brand messaging that makes people lean in, rather than tune out.

    As a brand designer, I see many freelancer designers who work with small businesses who launch websites without crafting a solid brand foundation. They skip vital steps and this leads them to believe that “websites don’t work”.

    The truth is it’s not your website. It’s your brand messaging.

    You can’t build a house on a poor foundation, and business leaders try to do this with brands. Trying to run a business, build a website, design a brand, spend money on facebook ads, post on social media and send emails on a poor, or misunderstood foundation, leads to slow growth, missed opportunities and low brand impact.

    If your messaging isn’t crystal clear your customers will struggle to see your value and ultimately you’ll struggle to sell.

    Words are the true currency of the web. No amount of pretty images or cutting edge design can compare to the selling ability of compelling web copy. It’s great if your site is beautiful, but without the right words, your site won’t sell anything. Powerful brand messaging - your story - is key.

    Geoffrey Idun

    Geoffrey Idun is a brand designer that helps businesses increase revenue, expand brand awareness, and earn happier customers. Geoff currently lead teams of artists as the creative director at Luxia.

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    Brand Designer's Playbook

    The ultimate guide to branding small business, especially created for freelance design professionals.


    $ 69.00 USD

    What's Inside

  • Brand Identities
  • Brand Strategies
  • Brand Development
  • Tips, Tricks & Hacks